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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

University of Windsor Triathlon Club

One of my biggest problems in training has been finding people to train with. Its strange because I know a lot of people who do Tris, Run, Swim or cycle but I can't never seem to co-ordinate with them enough to get a full time training partner. I sometimes go to the gym with friends but never anyone who really pushes me to the limits or who can spot me during weight training. Even while I was getting coaching last year they recommended to me to find someone to train with. Training with people is honestly one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your results. Not only does it improve your how much effort you will put into your workout but also the social benefits are great! You make new friends or strengthen old relationships all the while watching results with someone else. My goal all along has been to meet new people through this and I have made many friends in the Triathlon/ Running communities. Although I've never met too many cyclists or swimmers I knew a lot of swimmers back in Highschool and had a great time competing with them.

The other day while at my school gym I saw a sign for a University Triathlon club. Me and a few guys I met from the Triathlon store in London I go to a lot were planning on starting a club but it looked like someone beat us to the gun. I let them know about it and gave the organizer a call. Turns out one of the coaches of the football team here recently got into sprint triathlons and was looking to start a club. I met with him and a few girls who were all aspiring triathletes like me. Strangely I had probably the most Triathlon experience of anyone there! But everyone seemed great! One of the girls named Lauren was like me and had been a competitive swimmer in Highschool and was just revving to start training the run and bike. We decided not to start the club until January which works well for me as I really want to get a lot of training in before then. Hopefully these guys from London will sign up too and get a size able club going.

In other news Im now searching for a bicycle trainer. Its bringing to light a whole bunch of new questions about cycling stuff for me I had never asked before. Hopefully Ill be able to talk about my purchase after and give anyone who wants to train their cycle at home some heads up on stuff. The stationaries at the school are just not cutting it anymore. I hope to blog soon also about diets. Its easy to see lots of people talking about IDEAL diets in stuff, but when it comes down to it, being a student means money is tight and time is tight and No one ever eats as well as they should. Ill talk about my diet and how I "think" im doing compared to what I should be and weather or not it is sufficient anyways!

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck!