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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Run

Alright I guess.. Its time to stop making excuses.. I am having troubles being consistant! There I said it.. phew.. now to fix the problem. The biggest thing is.. I don't really know how. Its exam season at school and its keeping me rather busy. Found time for a 5km run today and had a blast.. but for some reason even though it only took 20 minutes out of my day.. somehow I can't find time to do it everyday.. Or at least I spend my time differently.. probably spend that 20 minutes everyday clicking refresh on facebook like an idiot. That being said I hate the slump Im in.. my lack of training is making me lazy and my laziness makes me do EVERYTHING less..I blog less, I cook less, I clean less, and play guitar less and its just bleh overall.

Alright Rant over

Ive read a lot of self improvement books and for all the tips I have stored in my memory its still hard to DO. I figure ive gotta work myself into a groove again. This weeks goal.. 1 5km run everyday.. thats it.. 20minutes out of everyday just to sweat and relax. Second goal.. blog.. get the Tips going again.. maybe just 1 post this week.. maybe 2 next.. baby steps.

Anyways I couldn't think of anything to blog about so I came on here to ramble thanks for reading ;)


I never know what to blog about.