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Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Tip #6

Make Lists!

I feel like Im going through all the obvious tips first, but regardless eventually Ill get to the obscure ones and thats when stuff will get interesting! For now im going to keep spewing out general advice everyone already knows in hopes that a few people learn something new. Here we go: Lists are a great way to stay organized in fact probably a lot more beneficial than originally thought. Studies have shown that making lists can lower stress levels and cure anxiety EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOTHING ON THE LIST. On the flip side if you make a list and then don't do anything on the list you really wont accomplish anything. I recommend lists for as many things as you can. Grocery lists, School lists, General to do lists, Exercise lists, Weekly lists, Monthly lists, Bucket Lists, cleaning lists, friends lists. You get the idea. Lets start simple. Try making a weekly list every sunday. Its not something you need to sit down and do just get out a pad of paper and all day whenever you think of something you want to do for the coming week write it on the list. Even include very do-able things like shower everyday or Go outside. This way you can basically cross things off your list without trying which will lead to positive motivation. Make sure your list is in a place you will see it (for us bloggers I might encourage a list on your desktop). Start with just making your weekly list a habit and you should immediately see yourself becoming more productive. Here are a few proven benefits of listing.

1. Creates Focus
2. Provides opportunity for prioritizing.
3. Allows you to discover common trends and plan trips accordingly.
4. checking something off your list will create an endorphin release and make you happy!
5. Allows for an easy refocus of energy when you find yourself distracted
6. Temporally clears your mind when the list is made relieving anxiety.
7. Decreases stress
8. Stops your worrying about forgetting things
9. And you ACTUALLY wont forget things!
10. allows you to pace yourself.

All of these benefits and more simply by setting aside a bit of time to think about what has to be done.
Try starting with these 3 simple lists

Grocery Lists
Weekly to do lists
*and since this is an athletic blog*
Weekly Exercise lists

Let me know if these things help you feel more organized!



  1. Can you bring over bananas? I made a sort of granola bar and it's yummy! :)

  2. My least favourite things is forgetting my grocery list at home.. not only do I forget 50% of the thigns that were on my list. but then i end up getting all these thigns like chips and soda.. and believe me they werent on my list before!

    i should start making lists for things liks homework or chores though, thats where I really struggle.