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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Tips

Recently I've been reading a lot of self improvement books. Its fascinating stuff because we hear the same old things over and over again about how we can improve ourselves but we overlook some of the simplest things. The first thing to self improvement is to know that its not going to be easy. Sorry guys and gals, there is no easy solution and that is because even doing the little things is hard. For me the thing im trying to do right now is to give up soft drinks. It should be so easy, just don't drink them, yet I find myself opening cans of coke simply out of habit. And thus something as easy as this stands in my way to a slightly healthier life style. These books are crammed full of little tidbits that ACTUALLY WORK if you have the will to try. So Im starting a new segment of my blog. Its going to be called as above "Daily Tips". Each day I'm going to post a little tidbit that if applied could help you to see many slight improvements in your life. I've also decided to make this blog more open ended we will see where that leads. Anyways enough rambling heres the tip of the day.


When you go grocery shopping be sure to do it after you have eaten. Shopping on a full stomach allows you to focus more on what you need and less on what food cravings you have at the time. Prior to trying out this idea I would find myself hungry at the grocery store and buying all kinds of crap I didn't really need. It cost me more money and had a huge impact on my attempts at a healthier lifestyle. I also recommend making sure you never go grocery shopping without a list. Having a list of essentials will often get you in and out faster and you will be less likely to buy unhealthy alternatives while your out!

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  1. man, i could never do a triathlon. more power to you! followed :)