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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Management

Its hard to believe sometimes how much time we eat up every single day. For me a workout takes up only 2 hours of my life with travel time and cool down taken into account. Out of 24 hours what happens to the other 22 hours? I'm going to take this chance to walk through my day and hopefully find ways to improve my own time management. Its too easy to dwindle time away and then not get enough done when in reality there is all the time we need and more each and everyday for things like working out, studying, having a little downtime, work and getting a proper sleep(the hardest 1 for me at least).

My days are always based around my school schedule. This semester means Im usually busy from 8:30-12:00 with class. Awake at 7:00am, snooze till 7:20. This is a habit I want to break, the snooze never really helps its just a procrastination technique. Getting ready for class is a standard procedure but none the less about 15 minutes is spent getting to and from class and 30 minutes eating. Generally each meal takes me about 30minutes.. not much time at all. So far eating breakfast, getting ready, going to class and eating lunch has only taken 5 hours out of my day. Lots of time left over for other things. I have another 1.5hours of class at 2:30 this gives me a 2:15minute break during lunch to get stuff done, unfortunately I never really get too much accomplished during this block. I might spend this time, blogging or playing halo or guitar. Today its currently 1:05 and I am blogging and playing guitar.. and just finished playing halo. Luckily I still have 1 hour and when this blog is done Im going to spend it studying French. After class is always workout time. Class ends at 3:50 and I can be at the gym by 4 I usually workout with the intention of getting home by 5:30 but sometimes I let myself be a little long and get home at 6:00. Dinner until 6:30 and technically I should have my whole evening to be productive. This could mean 4 hours of studying and still get a great sleep. For some reason this never occurs and this is the biggest part of my day that has to be fixed. Its so easy to waste time on face book or talking to friends or playing with your cat that you don't realize how efficient your day could be. The same thing happens when you let your sleep schedule get away from you. I find it is hardest to be efficient when I'm tired. I wish I could say "study's show" but I haven't read any. All i know is that If im trying to study from 10 to 12 i retain very little and If i go to bed after 12 i wake up exhausted. When I'm tired not only do i study less efficiently but my workouts suffer. Today I'm going to start establishing new habits. Firstly by putting my hobbys in the background. Giving 2 hours to my workouts and 1 hour to guitar and videogames and 3 hours to studying on top of class. Any extra time can be spent on extra work like doing the dishes and laundry. I really don't know exactly what to do, but dedication is what it really takes to stop wasting time and thats my goal for today! Time to get off the computer and onto my french studys. Thanks for reading :D


  1. Proper sleep is the easiest! Food seems to be the hardest... and I should carve out more time for running since long runs need 1+ hour.


  2. thanks for the link to that sick dubstep tutorial. good read as well